Individual System BioCorrection

The patented BioCorrection method
normalizes out-of-balance metabolism in case
of diabetes mellitus type II for a long period.


Nanovit Metabolic

Dietetic food product for human use (balanced diet) for biocorrection of metabolic syndrome and particularly in case of diabetes mellitus type II.


System BioCorrection

This is a patented method of treatment aimed at normalizing out-of-balance metabolism in case of metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus type II while maintaining positive effect for a long time.

The nature
of the training process

Ten regular, one-hour training sessions within two weeks under conditions of high content of oxygen in the inhaled air promote sustainable physiological stimulation of intracellular fat burning to generate energy in cells predominantly from fats, not from carbohydrates.

Evaluation of biofunctional
status of the body

Personal diagnostics of biofunctional status of the body allows us to identify the functional reserves of your body and help to use them in the most optimal way available to you.


Program description
The preparation promotes

You will undergo an average of 10 regular exercises in special conditions with high oxygen content. During the training process an individual physical activity will be selected depending on your current state of health, the intensity of which is optimal for burning of fats (instead of carbohydrates) and the best results.

Thanks to the combination of the following four components noticeable improvement of your diabetic status and well-being for a long period will be achieved:

Special training technique and selected individual program ensure conducting training sessions in optimal conditions for metabolism and energy exchange.

Exercises under conditions of increased oxygen content in the room (hyperoxia) have a positive effect on the stabilization of metabolism.

Through regular monitoring of your breathing parameters we are able to reevaluate physical activity for your organism at any time and, if necessary, adjust it accordingly.

Additional administration of Nanovit Metabolic and Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the metabolic stress of the cells and thus increase insulin sensitivity.