Every person is different and reacts differently to external stimuli! This is also true for the Individual System BioCorrection! Yet thanks to our technique there is something in common: the success of the treatment – improved metabolic rate and obviously good health.

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Over recent years the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in the scientific campus Berlin-Buch developed a group of Nanovit preparations: Nanovit-Metabolic, Nanovit Vita, Nanovit Immuno, Nanovit Amino and Nanovit Derma ointment.



Administration and Medical Management

Naum Borodyansky

Doctor of Science

Since February 2014 Dr. Naum Borodyansky is the director of ICP HealthCare GmbH. He received the Diploma of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) in 1994, is the author of 45 scientific works. Member of SRA.
Joerg Schultz

Prof. MD

Professor Joerg Schultz takes the position of medical director since 2011. After defending his doctoral thesis in 1979 he worked as a therapist, cardiologist and geriatrician – for more than 30 years he has been the head physician in geriatric clinic in Berlin-Buch. Today he, a native of Leipzig, is the honorary president of the association for vitality and active ageing. Since April 15, 2013 he is an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in Biomedicine.




Naida Abdulkerimova

Candidate of Medicine

Questions on the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of tests of biofunctional status within health diagnosis and many other questions will be answered by Dr. Naida Abdulkerimova. Specialist in general and intense medicine is your partner on issues of combination of proper nutrition and rational lifestyle.


Research and development

Stefan Heimann

Doctor of Science

Dr. Stefan Heimann is a physicist and molecular biologist with advanced degrees. In various research projects he devoted himself to the study of genes and proteins, as well as immunology and bioinformatics. Dr. Heimann has extensive experience in the field of solid-state reactions media and support materials based on the catalytically active minerals. As an employee of ICP Health Care GmbH, Dr. Heimann is responsible for the development and standardization of Nanovit dietary products.