In this section you will find frequently asked questions relating to Individual System BioCorrection. If you cannot find answers to your questions, or they are not fully disclosed, we are always ready to answer your questions on our hotline 8 800 775 63 48.

How often should I apply Individual System BioCorrection?
Generalization is inappropriate here. It is an individual method of treatment in which both the initial physiological parameters for trainings and related features, individual for each person, are taken into account. Ten cycles of training must still be undergone 1-2 times a year. To maintain the long-term stabilization of metabolism, we advise you to take Nanovit metabolic® and Omega-3 fatty acids between training cycles.

What advantages does the individual System BioCorrection have over other known methods of treatment?
One of the advantages of our method is regular monitoring of the optimal physical activity using respiratory index. This option eliminates the risk of overexertion or too low intensity of the training process. Thanks to the orientation of method on changing the metabolic processes at the cellular level, we achieve sustained normalization of metabolism for many months. Stabilization of metabolism within the training process takes place in conditions of high oxygen content in the inhaled air.

What effects does the method of individual System BioCorrection have?
Regular exercise within individual System BioCorrection helps you to reduce the content of both sugar and lipids in the blood. Your diabetic status is clearly improving, and you can reduce the amount of medications you take. Also your physical state of health is improving, the risk of diabetic complications decreases significantly.

What is insulin resistance?
Insulin resistance is a reduced sensitivity to the insulin hormone, which is the only hormone that reduces blood sugar. The release of insulin, for example, after the food rich in carbohydrates, promotes transportation of sugar (glucose) from blood and its accumulation primarily in the liver cells and muscles. In case of severe insulin resistance as occurs in diabetes mellitus type 2 pancreas produces more and more insulin, although the cells react to it less and less. This leads to a constant increase in blood sugar levels, which without treatment leads to severe damage to the body and impaired general health.

Why shall I take Nanovit metabolic® and Omega-3 fatty acids in addition to the training program?
Physical activity and increased content of oxygen contribute to enhanced energy processes in the body. This results in production of highly reactive by-products that damage the cellular membrane, known as free radicals. As a result, the cell can no longer function properly (“metabolic stress”). Nanovit metabolic® helps to capture free radicals, which prevents metabolic stress of cells. Omega-3 fatty acids, in their turn, clearly increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Thus, the body is again able to maintain blood sugar with physiological content of genuine insulin.

What complications can cause diabetes and metabolic syndrome?
Both diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome are considered “killers” of the 21st century. Nearly five million people die from diabetes and its complications in the world annually. People with metabolic syndrome have the risk of strokes and myocardial infarctions that is three times higher than normally. The following diseases are arterial hypertension, increased body weight, which results in complaints of pain in the knees, vascular damage, vision disorders (up to loss of vision), limb amputations associated with diabetes, renal failure, etc.

How long should I take Nanovit metabolic® and Omega-3 fatty acids?
For people with a slight excess of body weight we recommend taking 1 capsule of Nanovit metabolic® 3 times per day. Each pack contains 180 capsules, which corresponds to 60 administrations, which is 30 days longer than for the time of the training course. For people whose body weight is clearly excessive we recommend taking 2 capsules 3 times a day. We encourage you to continue drug administration after a cycle of training in order to optimize the effect of metabolism stabilization. As for the purchase, please use our contact form.

Why training is conducted under increased (26%) oxygen content in the inhaled air?
The increased oxygen content in the environment contributes to the stabilization of metabolism during the process of fat “burning off”. The body shall have more oxygen needed when “burning off” fat in order to improve metabolism. The proportion of oxygen that reaches 26% of the inhaled air proved to be the most effective.

I do not live in Berlin and its surroundings... How can I take advantage of the proposed method of treatment?
If you wish, we will arrange the entire range of necessary services for you: meeting, accommodation, meals, diagnostic and therapeutic courses, departure. Contact us, and we will provide you with all the necessary details. In our clinic we speak German, English, Russian, Romanian, Armenian, Ukrainian and Moldavian languages, so there are no language barriers.

Who can use the individual System BioCorrection?
Our method can be used by any person with no restrictions in movements. Individual System BioCorrection was primarily designed for people with metabolic syndrome and/or diabetes in order to stabilize pathometabolism.

What is the composition of Nanovit metabolic®?
Nanovit Metabolic® is a dietetic food product (with special medical indications), which provides a reduction in cell stress at metabolic syndrome. The preparation comprises mineral substance zeolite, powder of algae, Inulin filler, which does not burden diabetic patients, herbal substance Resveratrol, which is found in red grapes and has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, as well as natural amino acids - L-aspartic acid and vitamin C, which also has antistress effect on the cells.

How can I apply the principle of individual System BioCorrection in everyday life?
A combination of regular physical activity, reasonable way of life and proper nutrition is very important. With our method of treatment you are laying the foundation for achieving stability of metabolism between training cycles. During this time you must also take Nanovit metabolic® and Omega-3 fatty acids, which increase the therapeutic effect. You need to undergo a cycle of training 1-2 times a year, and between them use our tips to maintain physical activities.