Noventalis is an Institute of System BioCorrection

More and more people experience health problems caused by metabolic disorders or “metabolic syndrome” as it is called in medicine.

In itself, the disease occurs without obvious symptoms, manifesting itself in symptoms of other diseases that are the consequence of the development of metabolic syndrome. Typically, they are complaints of overweight, hypertension and increased blood lipid levels, gout, psoriasis. However, the most common disease that develops due to metabolic disorders is diabetes type 2. Currently in the world there are 370 million people with diabetes mellitus, the number of cases is increasing day by day (IDF, Diabetes Atlas 2012, 5. Ausgabe). Noventalis Institute of System BioCorrection defies the disease and starts helping exactly where this disease originates – in the biological system of the body at the cellular level.
Patented BioCorrection method is the result of many years of research. The purpose of this method of treatment is to normalize metabolic disorders at metabolic syndrome and its consequences – such as diabetes type 2.
During the correction course you will undergo an average of 10 regular exercises with moderate individual load in special conditions with high oxygen content. During the training process the specialist medical practitioners will find your individual physical load according to your condition of health, the intensity of which is optimal primarily for burning of fats (not carbohydrates) and achieving the best results. Noventalis BioCorrection Method contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, bringing them to a state of normal functioning. That prevents further development of diseases caused by metabolic syndrome.
Using the System BioCorrection method, you can continue to use other therapies aimed at long-term improving of diabetic status in which levels of blood sugar and blood lipids stabilize. As a result, you can reduce the need for the number of medications. According to the results of analyzes and on the basis of the current state of the body, your attending medical doctor may make adjustments to the number and dosage of medications prescribed to you. Normalization of metabolic processes leads to the fact that quality of your life is improved and the risk of complications of the disease is significantly reduced.
The first steps in developing a method of individual System BioCorrection were made a decade ago. Since 2004 the technique has been constantly improving. This happens thanks to the cooperation of national and international experts in molecular biology, medicine and specialists in the field of research and training.
Noventalis Institute in Berlin-Buch in Germany currently has four training sites, designed for those patients who urgently need correction of metabolic processes and the improvement of their diabetic status for long term. Alternatively they are designed for those who would like to reduce the risk of complications of this disease in the near and distant future.
Since the summer of 2014, Sakropol health resort in the Crimea is also starting to treat patients using Noventalis System BioCorrection method. The unique natural conditions of the Crimea and health-restoring capabilities of the resort are successfully combined with the latest developments in the field of medical treatment and normalization of metabolic processes in the body and reduction of the risks of complications due to related diseases.