Patented BioCorrection method is the result of many years of research, the aim of which is to normalize metabolic disorders at diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome.
A huge step in this direction was made in Berlin-Buch research campus, where the Institute of Systemic BioCorrection is situated. Since we launch the search for solutions of such important medical and social problem of the future, our first destination is only the beginning of the path.

Partners of the Institute of Systemic Biocorrection – Noventalis

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Logo Vital GmbH GmbH supports us with the operational experience, technology and other services in the design of health management systems.


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Work of society is focused on ensuring that preventive medicine shall be paid additional attention in the science and practice, because curative medicine does not accept the idea of prevention seriously enough.


Bild EAIMEuropean Academy for interdisciplinary medicine EAIM is in close cooperation with national and international research centers and supports interdisciplinary medical projects between basic research, industrial implementation and clinical application. 


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