Innovative research conducted in Berlin

For over ten years experts in the field of molecular biology and medicine, as well as experts in the field of physical science, develop and optimize System BioCorrection Method.
Fundamentals of the method idea were taken from the aerospace medicine, physiology and clinical biochemistry. Nobel laureates Warburg and Krebs also made a significant contribution to the development of technique; in their works they showed a fundamentally important effect of oxygen on cellular metabolic processes in the energy production. But are these processes applicable to the metabolic processes of people living in modern urban environments?
Respiration and metabolism in a caloric deficit and the lack of gas exchange are significantly different from the metabolic and vascular reactions in the hypernutrition and lack of exercise. Therefore, fundamental clinical studies should take into account the features of the current social relations and give timely responses to the current rapid growth of metabolic disorders.
Any doctor knows that administration of prescribed glucose-lowering medication for diabetics leads to a decrease in blood sugar levels. But it cannot prevent damage to blood vessels of feet and limbs, and retina, and cannot prevent their progressive destruction. Even in cases where treatment with these drugs has been successful, amputation and blindness are still common.
Using the method of individual systemic biocorrection, the Noventalis institute managed to overcome this fundamental drawback of the existing methods of treatment. Theoretical justification for the new method lies in supplying oxygen directly into the body tissue from air during respiration, which gives a good result for diabetics, provided that harmful byproducts of metabolism are simultaneously removed from the tissue.
It is scientifically proven that for many disorders associated with impaired metabolism – if tissue is well supplied with oxygen, the blood vessels, both small and larger, are not subjected to destruction and damage.
Why not apply this discovery to diabetes?
Collaborative research with the Micro Ion Processes Institute has shown that at moderate physical exertion with increased oxygen content during breathing numerous small blood vessels are actively involved in blood circulation. It is reasonable to assume that capillary-distribution and vasomotor reactions are improved. Thus the oxygen supply to the tissue is significantly improved.
Noventalis Institute, with the use of Individual System BioCorrection method, makes the delivery of energy to the cells possible mainly not by processing sugars, but by using the utilization (burning) of fat. This method is based on the optimal adjustment of loads controlled by specialists at elevated oxygen content in the inhaled air.
Exercise program according to Noventalis differs significantly from the conventional programs of fitness centers. For diabetic patients it is life-threatening to obtain energy from carbohydrates at intensive physical activities, as it occurs in professional sport. That is because the action of insulin under intensive exertion is dramatic, and not always can be quickly compensated. Conversely, cellular metabolism remains in a certain corridor of physical loads with energy not associated with fats. Fat burning is desirable because diabetics are often overweight.
After the cycle of training with the patient according to the method of Individual System BioCorrection that lasts from 60 minutes and more, with the total number of such trainings of 10-15 sessions, metabolic changes in the body become noticeable. Metabolism is changing towards fat metabolism, not carbohydrate one.
Administration of Omega-3, unsaturated fatty acids in capsules rich in fish oil, and dietary products Nanovit-Metabolic specifically designed to protect the brain cells and blood vessels, reduces the load on the body’s cells from the negative effects of by-products of metabolism. With the diet properly selected according to caloric content and regular physical exercises, the effect of the method is enhanced, especially for people who are overweight or have high blood pressure. Thus, previous, unhealthy lifestyle is gradually being replaced by healthy lifestyle, which prevents the development of complications peculiar to diseases, which are the consequences of metabolic syndrome.
Thus, in recent years an explicit positive effect of natural mineral supplements, previously unknown, was revealed. Interdisciplinary researches of ICP HealthCare GmbH, a structural unit of Technical University of Berlin, Departments of Analytical Chemistry/Environmental Chemistry, Information Systems department at Humboldt University in Berlin, University of Applied Sciences of Berlin – allowed researchers to make these important findings and conclusions.
Catalytically active minerals help in those cases when the endogenous enzymes are suppressed in disease – in digestion of nutrients and metabolism for normal digestion of food by the organism. Or in case of destruction of membranes of pathogens, when the body recognized them and attacked with its immune system.
The ability to neutralize and remove harmful waste products of metabolism from the body is of particular importance in the broad-spectrum of Nanovit Metabolic components.