Diagnostics Test

Determination of individual biofunctional status

Man strives for health. Each of us wants to feel good and be in internal equilibrium throughout his life. Reality is quite different: stress and exertion are constant companions of a man. These conditions lead to a violation of internal balance and become the cause of diseases.

What is the important thing to be considered in order to achieve mental and physical well-being?

Viability evaluation

Method for determination of individual biofunctional status at the current time, which allows us to identify your physical, mental, spiritual and social and emotional resources in order to use them well.


Modern diagnostic technique covers a range of tests that measure the so-called “age-related” indicators. Obtaining reliable results is achieved through using not a couple of measurements, but by numerous tests (a total of 47 parameters) which help to define your personal “health resources”. With the results of physical, coordination test and tests determining the faculty of retention, profiles data we can determine the real picture of your functional status within 70 - 90 minutes. Diagnostics, obtaining results, their processing and decoding are performed according to certain standard procedures.


On the basis of test results we can give you specific advice on how to achieve a particular purpose and what your “reserves of health” are, with which you can significantly improve your health.